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Tailor – made solutions for storing your apples


A.L.B. Consulting, pioneers in the preservation and storage of fruit. Our way of working and acting differs from traditional consulting firms. From planning to designing technically mature projects, we also provide advice and technical support. In addition to the training of your technicians, remote control monitoring, we also visit the storehouse on a regular basis to support the storage technicians. We train them at the same time to convey and pass on our knowledge gained over many years in a practical and simple way. We have been working in this sector for many years and have gained valuable experience over time. Storage has changed dramatically in recent years and requires more and more attention. The quality standards are high and the associated energy costs play an important role. Storage failures mean financial losses and are often not compensable. Our company is based in South Tyrol, the largest closed apple growing area in Europe in the north of Italy. We have been working for more than 25 years as storage - cooling technicians in one of the largest companies in South Tyrol.

Mr. Walter, specializes in the refrigeration, electrical engineering and the automation sector, and Mr. Terzer specializes in Post-Harvest and CA (controlled atmosphere) engineering are the owners of A.L.B. Consulting.

In 2015, we laid the foundation for our company. The basic idea was to share our acquired knowledge and know-how with others.

Our services

  • Project evaluation and planning of new storage rooms, CA-facilities and cooling facilities
  • Training of staff for the work as a storage – cooling technician
  • Detailed analyzes of existing storehouses
  • Remote maintenance of facilities with connected support and advice
  • Individual customer service throughout the entire year
  • Analysis of energy use with efficient solution proposals (Simulation of saving potential)
  • Use of state-of-the-art storage technologies

Projecting/planning and implementation of new storage rooms, CA- facilities and cooling facilities

Our many years of experience enable us to harmonize technically mature projects with a lot of practical experience. We develop and plan the right tenders according to the latest technical standards for every component in the store-house. The entire project planning is based on many factors, such as: varieties, climatic conditions, organic or conventional cultivation, storage methods and many other important factors. After you can send our tenders to the potential companies. We can advice you on various components of the project. Basically - all work has to be done according to our project. Our second step is that we can help you with the implementation of the project and clarify the construction process on site with the various companies. We ensure that all work is carried out according to our plans. Last but not least, we personally conduct the final project audit.

Only a technical and efficient planning creates the necessary basis for the best possible outsourcing results.
In recent years we have completed several projects for the most prestigious producers in Italy. Our last project was in Verona, a 30-room storehouse, it is one of the most modern storehouses in Europe. The highest technology and maximum efficiency distinguish this project from any other.

Are you planning new storage rooms or CA facilities or cooling facilities?
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Training and education for the technician

Through out our training, we can share our accumulated knowledge about storage. In addition to theory, we also train the technicians in an efficient and practical way. They will learn a better understanding of the storage and this will be beneficial and profitable for your business. We usually begin with 3 days of training and this gives the participant the correct working method of the storehouse. Enclosed are the structures of these trainings

  • Pomology (how does an apple work)
  • Which factors influence the conservability - The right harvest time and its importance
  • Current storage methods (ULO,DCA,ILOS, 1-MCP, 1-MCP combined with dynamic storage methods
  • The work of the storage technician throughout the year
  • Components in the storage house
  • What influences the storage?
  • Controls and adjustments, maintenance
  • Storage problems (decaying fruit, diseases)
  • Security

Detailed analysis of existing storehouses

We conduct a detailed analysis of your business and record all the elements associated with your storage. With the help of the collected data, we can make an initial assessment and identify negative processes. We carry out an on - site inspection where the entire storage rooms, refrigeration and CA facilities are evaluated. We then analyze all previous records and data to get an insight into your previous way of working. Finally we will present you with our results by means of a report and point out various possibilities of optimization. If you decide to accept our suggestions, we will gladly assist you in their implementation.

Remote maintenance of a company with connected support and advice

We will help you throughout the entire storage phase and will be happy to support and advise you, by means of remote maintenance. We control all elements associated with storage on a daily basis and with a lot of experience and knowledge. We evaluate daily all diagrams, records and visualizations. We develop tailor-made concepts and integrate state- of-the-art storehouse technologies. Together we will help control the entire system in the best and most efficient way. During the entire storage period, we are in contact with your technicians or contacts and monitor the progress. We develop optimizations and improvements for you. When negative processes develop we will be there to guide you and keep the storage history as constant as possible in terms of cooling, ventilation, humidity and other factors / parameters that influence it. We carry out visual controls on site, conduct quality checks and at the same time train your technicians.


Our goal is to provide you the best possible quality after the End of Storage!

Do you have questions about storage? Would you like to optimize your storage, develop it further, make optimal use of investments, and train your technicians?

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Are you planning new storage rooms / CA facilities or cooling facilities?
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Talk to us about your project and together we will find the best solution.


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